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As a member of the FGW, you can not only help shape the technological state of the art and the energy transition through active participation in numerous projects and technical guidelines as well as benefit from the large industry network, but also receive various FGW products at a discounted rate.

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Technical guidelines

The development of the Technical Guidelines for Wind Turbines (since 1998: FGW Guidelines) began in 1992 with the aim of specifying measurement methods with which reliable and comparable data on wind turbines can be determined according to the state of the art. The measurements from the three areas – power curve, sound emission and electrical properties – should serve as a basis for assessing wind turbines, e.g. in licensing issues, when assessing grid connection options or for reliable yield calculations.

Reference certificates

A reference certificate certifies the reference yield according to the valid reference site conditions. The reference site conditions are defined in the corresponding EEG.

Performance curves

You are welcome to order performance curves and turbine-specific data of different wind turbine types and hub heights, as FGW has an extensive database.

An overview of the wind turbine types in our portfolio can be found under the following link.

The lists show the type designation, rated power, rotor area and hub height. Data can be made available for almost all plant types listed there.


Die jeweilig zweistündigen Webinare zum Oberthema „Erfolgreicher Netzanschluss für Erzeugungsanlagen am Mittelspannungsnetz für Betreiber, Fachplaner und Installateure“ fokussieren strikt auf die für Sie relevanten Schritte der Anschlussplanung und des vereinfachten Anlagenzertifikates. Practical examples will be used to discuss the documents to be completed and submitted, as well as pointing out resources and support contacts.

After attending, you will have a good overview and the knowledge to successfully and efficiently move your generation facility through the verification process and receive the final operating permit without delay. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation from FGW e.V. after the event.

The FGW webinars are held by experienced experts from the various certification bodies, who organize themselves via FGW e.V. and together give you user-oriented presentations incl. of a practical workshop.

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